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Boise City Ghost Hunters (BoiC.G.H.) will always respect your anonymity.  Evidence presented may be shared with other members of BoiC.G.H. and/or the paranormal community.  Your personal information will remain confidential.

In respect to your privacy we do not drive around in marked vehicles.  BoiC.G.H. takes great care in protecting your property and privacy.

BoiC.G.H. is not affiliated with any other paranormal group and/or team.

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If you need help with a paranormal situation in your home and/or business please contact us.  We do not charge for our investigative services.  Cases involving children take priority over any other case in the books.  Boise City Ghost Hunters uses quality equipment, great debunking skills, and personal experience to help bring your problem to light.  Our talented, professional investigators come from many different backgrounds and careers.  Boise City Ghost Hunters will always take great care in respecting your personal property and privacy.  Call or message now.  We are here to help!  

NOTE:  Boise City Ghost Hunters appreciates all of your requests.  With many requests constantly coming in please allow time for us to get back to you.  Some requests may require more information than the form requires before an initial meeting and/or investigation.

BoiC.G.H. will not investigate cemeteries. 

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Thank you to all of our clients for letting Boise City Ghost Hunters help you!

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