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Boise City Ghost Hunters (BoiC.G.H.) will always respect your anonymity.  Evidence presented may be shared with other members of BoiC.G.H. and/or the paranormal community.  Your personal information will remain confidential.

In respect to your privacy we do not drive around in marked vehicles.  BoiC.G.H. takes great care in protecting your property and privacy.

BoiC.G.H. is not affiliated with any other paranormal group and/or team.

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  The Three Most Common Hauntings  
Residual - Plays like a record.  Continues it's path no matter what the changes are to an environment.  For example:  A residual haunt will pass through a wall not even knowing the door that was once there was removed. Human - Referred to as an intelligent haunt.  A human haunting will most likely interact with it's surroundings.  It may be able to open doors and communicate, but on a limited capacity. Inhuman - Inhuman haunts are said to be the most dangerous and terrifying of haunts.  Typically inhuman haunts are thought of as demonic.  It is said that an inhuman must be invited usually through ouija board activity, and other experimental communication.
Where demographics meets the paranormal

What is a Poltergeist?


WorldWide Paranormal Reporting Center

The History of Halloween

Idaho State Historic Society


The official software of BoiC.G.H., MyPara and RCPS Family

Some information on Night Terrors

Facebook-Case Managers of the Paranormal

Deciphering the past will lead to a clearer future
This is a broad list and not in any way compiled by BoiC.G.H.  All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.
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