Angela Home

Investigation Date:   February 10, 2012 


  • Sounds of people walking around in child’s bedroom
  • Shadow figures
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Negative feelings toward the home in general

Investigation Findings:  This investigation went really well.  We setup up cameras throughout the house as usual.  Along with audio recorders in just about every room.  We conducted a thorough investigation, starting with base emf and temperature readings.  After getting a feel for the home we split into two teams and took turns monitoring readings and doing evp sessions.  After a long night of investigating we began our review process.  Unfortunately we came up empty handed.  However, we were able to answer some questions that helped put the client and ease.  And debunked a few of the claims. 

Interesting Facts:

Client Testimonial:

I would like to thank Boise City Ghost Hunters for helping me out in my time of need. The didn’t catch anything on tape but what ever they did they made the coldness and unwelcome feeling go away. My home is now warmer and more peaceful then it has ever been. It is now starting to finally feel like a home. My youngest is now able to play in his room when it starts to get dark instead of running out of his room as soon as the sun starts to go down.  I really want to thank you very much…   I am just glad that my cats will come in the living room and relax instead of staying in my room and my dog can relax now.  You are the greatest. If anything changes I will give you a call.  Once again thank you so very much.  I would recommend Boise City Ghost Hunters to anyone who has that strange feeling in their home or they feel as if something is there. They do a wonderful job and they explain everything to you, no matter what the question may be.  Wonderful, wonderful people.