Mediums and Hunters 2

Investigation Date:   May 13, 2011  


  • Full Bodied Apparition
  • Uncomfortable feelings
  • Nausea

Investigation Findings:  This investigation turned out to be as interesting and fun as the first time out.  For a follow up it was great to have another couple sounds that didn’t add up.  During one of our EVP sessions our group heard a thump coming from another room.  They preceded to that room to continue their questions.  Upon asking for follow up thump their seemed to be a response.  

We investigated the area of the sound in depth.  Played with closet doors which we assume were the source.  We even sent one of our members up into the attic hatch to see what was above.  Upon a complete review of the area we were unable to find an explanation for the sound.

Interesting Facts:

  • This is a follow up investigation.  The investigation is on Friday the 13th.  We will be investigating the whole night just our team no mediums.

Please note:  BoiC.G.H. are not claiming the following Audio/Video clips as paranormal evidence.  Most are simply unexplained.  We put them up for folks to explore and draw their own conclusions.  As well as to share some of our findings.