Become a Member of Boise City Ghost Hunters

To even be considered for a position on the Boise City Ghost Hunter’s team, applicants must first submit an application (provided after the initial membership request).  Upon an approved application, the applicant is interviewed by two senior members of BoiC.G.H.   All members will be required to undergo a background check and a drug screen. After passing the screening process, the applicant is required to sign the privacy and liability forms.  All new members must go through an evaluation period where they are evaluated not only on professional demeanor, but also on team and awareness skills.  Boise City Ghost Hunter Members are expected to always present themselves with the highest of standards.  Your attitude is just as important away from BoiC.G.H. as it is within group functions.

Becoming a part of the Boise City Ghost Hunters family is nothing to be taken lightly.  At the end of the day, we are left with an amazing group of people that are dedicated, excited, and willing to help our community.