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We hope to provide you with intriguing historical information. Keep you posted with current local events. And answer your paranormal questions.
Although we are based in the United States. We do have resources on the ground in the United Kingdom. Our sole purpose is to offer factual historic information. *All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate. *

Post of the Week

  • by Angela Jane
    THE DARKER SIDE OF POTTER! Who fancies staying at Godrics Hollow?! The 14th century \'De Vere\' is a real life haunted home in England, United Kingdom. Known to millions as \'Godrics Hollow house\' in the film \'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows\' where we saw the magical Christmas Eve scene where Lord Voldemorts slithery snake \'Nagini\' was being surrounded! The great news is that the home can now be booked for rental! As long as […]