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We hope to provide you with intriguing historical information. Keep you posted with current local events. And answer your paranormal questions.
Although we are based in the United States. We do have resources on the ground in the United Kingdom. Our sole purpose is to offer factual historic information. *All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate. *
  About the Author  

Hello and let me introduce myself. Im Angela Jane and i am a little different to the rest of the team as i am from the United Kingdom! I really enjoy conducting research and writing articles for the team! I am truly honoured to be part of the Boise City Ghost Hunters team as i completely respect their mission and values! I was raised in a Brethren Christian congregation. I love the Lord Jesus and have always been fascinated with reading parts of the Bible which discuss angels and demons and anything spiritual. Many struggle to believe these other level realms exist but i wholeheartedly believe those realms are as real as ours!  The Bible even speaks of such realms and instructs us to ‘test the spirits’.  I have personally experienced feeling unexplained invisible hands cover my face, a dark shadow entity enter a room with a horrific malevolent presence and a moving light anomaly which appeared as if an angelic being. I have witnessed everyday objects spontaneously moving unaided.  I am never afraid because i have God and His protection and i would love to encourage others not to be afraid! I truly believe that it is a good and noble path to try to comfort those who are going through similar and unexpected circumstances. Many people ARE afraid and thats where i would love to help! Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters it brings us much joy if we can help just one family!
I look forward to interacting with the people of Idaho! If there is any topic you wish for me to discuss please dont hesitate to contact me!  –  Angela Jane

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