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A Legally Haunted House | La Veta Place | New York | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Did you know that there is a documented 'legally haunted' home in New York?

Located along the sleepy tree lined village of Nyack, on New Yorks Hudson harbour front, is La Veta Place. 

This stunning 1900 built Victorian home was left empty by its owners, back in 1990, when they eerily discovered they were not alone!

Helen Ackley bought the home in the 1960s and claims she experienced countless unexplained phenomena including the full body apparitions of Victorian era ghosts. These were believed to be the spirits of past residents, Sir George and Lady Margaret.

Haunting footsteps, doors being loudly banged shut, beds being violently shaken and ghoulish phantom shadows peering from arched hallways, were all routine occurrences within these walls!

A Court session was arranged and a unanimous verdict was reached by local realtors. They declared that all future buyers of the property must be informed of the buildings paranormal presences. This procession was later aptly named the 'Ghostbuster' ruling!

However, such events did not deter prospective buyers. Since then the home has been wonderfully renovated (pictured below) and became highly sought after by paranormal enthusiasts due to its supernatural happenings!

Many celebrities have lived here, including the director of movie 'Definitely, Maybe' Adam Brooks, rapper Matisyahu and vocalist Ingrid Michaelson. Some of these owners claimed ghosts have actually woke their children at night!

The home was visited by many local paranormal investigators who state that it came as no surprise that the house was ranked number one on the 'Most Haunted Places in Hudson Valley' List!

So if you have a spare $1.9 million who knows you could be in with a chance of purchasing a haunted New York home!

* this home is privately owned and NOT available for investigation*

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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