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A Winning Scare | Bros | BoiCGH |

Have you ever  received an award letter for something you never participated in?  What if that letter awarded cash, a car, or perhaps a mansion?  Would you follow up to receive your award?  This story will make you think twice before ever accepting such an offer.

One day, after returning home from a long hard day as a plumber.  Luigi opened his mail to find a letter.  That letter was to notify him that he had won a mansion.  After thinking about it.  Luigi realized he had never entered such a contest.  But being a hardworking laborer he thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad living in a mansion…  Once he decided to give it a chance he contacted his brother Mario, also a plumber.  They decided to meetup at the location given in the letter to see what it was all about.  The two brothers would soon discover that was a poor decision.

That evening Luigi followed the map provided to the mansion.  When he arrived he was immediately taken over with fear by the size and overall eerie feeling of the building.  He entered the home slowly and cautiously.  He quickly realized that Mario was nowhere to be found.  Unfortunately, he had no time to think about that.  As he was quickly attacked by a ghost.  Fortunately, a strange scientist known as E. Gadd showed up and was prepared for the ghostly encounter.  E. Gadd attempted to suck up the ghost into a vacuum.  He was unsuccessful but did provide the two enough time to retreat out of the home.  

E. Gadd, a professor, explained to Luigi that the mansion had appeared out of nowhere a few nights prior. He had been capturing ghosts in the mansion and storing them in paintings using a tool he called “Ghost Portrificationizer”.  The Professor noticed Mario entering the home earlier that evening.  Upon learning that Luigi was Mario’s brother he decided to help Luigi bring him to safety…

Arming Luigi with ghost hunting tools which included the Poltergust 3000 Vacuum and a GameBoy Horror Communication Device.  E. Gadd sent Luigi back into the mansion to save his brother.  And trap all the ghosts loose in the haunted home.  During his paranormal adventure Luigi learns that the home is owned by King Boo.  King Boo created the home as a safe haven for the ghosts that escaped the Professor’s portraits…  Luigi must defeat Boos of all sizes.  Apparitions of souls freed from the portraits as well as King Boo himself.  Finally, Luigi and Professor E. Gadd are able to use the Ghost Portrificationizer in reverse to release Mario from being trapped in a painting himself.  And reuniting the brothers once again.  

If ever you are offered a prize that seems to good to be true.  Remember this story.  And always beware of King Boo...

Angela Jane has reacted to this post.
Angela Jane

This is absolutely brilliant! Wow! 

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