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Al Capone and the Eastern State Penitentiary | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | History | Paranormal

Touring this stunning gothic style prison is not for those of a nervous disposition!

Hailed as one of Americas most haunted locations, and opening its doors in 1829, this was the very first institute to implement solitary confinement.

Many disputed the method of confinement, as prisoners would be forced to sit in cold empty cells, and forced to wear hoods over their faces.

The ideology behind this practice was that it was believed confinement would lead to repentance and that healing would ensue. Sadly however it frequently backfired with many inmates being driven to insanity.

This system was named 'The Pennsylvania System' with people comparing it to actually being tortured.

The prison closed its doors in 1971 and many believe the ghost of inmates who died here still haunt its corridors.

With many visitors reporting hearing loud whispers, we cant help but wonder if it may be the ghost of it's most famous inmate, none less than gangster Al Capone who resided here for 8 months.

Whilst Al Capone was here he claimed that a victim whom he himself murdered was actively haunting him in his cell!

Coming into the twentieth century solitary confinement was left aside and another method brought in, namely warden Herbert Smith who would brutally punish the inmates with his bare hands.

Some inmates were tied to chairs and even starved. It's no wonder that paranormal teams report malevolent energy within these walls.

Daytime tours are still offered all year around and during autumn time the prison actually converts into 'TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS' one of Americas top rated haunted house attractions. 

With its grand castle like towers and a rich history and many reports of paranormal activity, crowds flock from the all over the globe just to walk these chilling corridors. Just be prepared that you may not be alone!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 


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