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Angry Poltergeist Entity at San Francisco Art Institute | San Francisco California | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Supernatural | America

Established in 1871, The San Francisco Art Institute, recognised as a Centre of Excellence, and originally known as The California School of Design, has historically embodied some of the most significant artistic movements of the last century.

But, that might not be all that it embodies!

This building is believed to be haunted by countless restless spirits, their bodies being disturbed amidst renovations and relocation. In 1926 the site relocated to a new premises next to one of the cities largest and oldest cemeteries.

It is believed these events triggered unrest amongst the dead and horrifically, soon after, there were many unexplained road traffic accidents in the surrounding local areas. Many are of the opinion that these events are linked.

In 1947 one of the students who worked as a night time security officer reported being tormented by a terrifying unseen entity, followed by disembodied screams and unexplainable flickering lights.

Following the high level of paranormal instances occurring here a team held a series of seances and ouija board processions. Could these rituals have actually worsened an already substantial problem by opening doorways to the spirit realm?

Did this create a pathway for more entities to cross over?   

Subsequent to these events, one employee reports that she often comes into work in the mornings to witness a violent and evil presence, which would thrash items around rooms with an inhuman like strength.

What is this unexplained force? Could this be an angry poltergeist entity angry at the graves being uprooted?

Many prospective potential students who are accepted to study here have actually declined their allocated place due to sudden feelings of fear whilst visiting the site.

All we know is that it is never a good idea to disturb resting spirits. Because if you do, you may pay the consequences!

Have you ever witnessed items moving around in your home? 

Please comment below if you have.

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