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Here we discuss 'apparitions'.

What exactly IS an 'apparition'?

Clearly we are discussing a supernatural topic. Any findings here are based solely (no pun intended) on research and / or reported incident.

Since the beginning of time people have witnessed apparitions! The Bible (verse Luke 24 v 37) states 'they were startled and frightened thinking they had seen a spirit'.

Matthew 14 v 26 'When the disciples saw Him walking on the water they were terrified and cried out 'it is a spirit!'

Take from that what you will. To me personally this suggests that spirits were something not  unfamiliar to them.

Many believe apparitions are the spirits or ghosts of those who have passed away, some even claim to having seen ghostly pets ie cats or dogs who have died reappear within their home.

Apparitions are usually light and translucent in nature usually conducting a fluid wispy like movement or motion.

Apparitions are well documented to appear during postmortem examination (morgues) also there are thousands of reports of people witnessing actual full body apparitions at hospital bedsides of the imminently deceased believed to be spirit leaving the physical body.

Throughout the decades many claim to having witnessed the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1879 a group of 15 church congregation reported seeing such an apparition at their church, saying they witnessed an apparition of Mary and Joseph surrounded by angelic beings just near by the alter. 

Angels could therefore be witnessed as visible apparitions. Although these are angelic beings and not deceased persons from earth. The Bible references this very scenario in Hebrews 13 v 2 

'Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, in doing so some have entertained angels unawares'.

Right here in Idaho there have been multiple reports of apparitions which we have written articles on! Here are just a few...

The Idhana Hotel in Boise

The Bates Motel at Coeur d'Alene

Gotts Point at Lake Lowell

Check out theses articles right now here on our forum under the IDAHO HISTORY / Treasure Valley section.

The spirit and the physical are unified during our lives only. Our bodies are earthbound but souls and spirit are supernatural.

Our interactive forum is a place for open and friendly discussion so please feel free to join in with any comments or questions.

We would love to hear about any apparitions! Have you, or someone you know, ever witnessed an apparition?

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