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Apparitions of Anguish at Chessman Park | Colorado Denver | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Set amidst the jaw dropping Capitol Hill mansions of Colorado is the historical 80 acre Chessman Park. This location is believed to be haunted by unhappy and restless spirits who were literally uprooted during renovation works!

The location was the sacred final resting place to over two thousand deceased locals, mainly smallpox victims but also including many poor and criminals.

In 1893 much of the site was converted into park land yet authorities declared that a portion of graves remain.

Undertaker E. P. McGovern was hired to professionally and courteously relocate a number of deceased bodies to accommodate renovation work.

However, the undertaker thought the process costly and decided to save a buck or two and set about coldly and wrecklessly hacking dead corpses from the ground! 

Upon completion of the work the site re opened and hundreds of people began reporting  witnessing full body apparitions  aimlessly roaming the grounds!

Could this be the spirits of the dead, anguished and lost due to their abhorrent treatment and lack of sincerity? 

The location is a place of interest for paranormal enthusiasts due to its many reports of unexplained phenomena. 

It has also been noted that paranormal investigators have recorded unexplained crying, muffled voices and sinister violent poltergeist energy here. 

When we don't treat the dead with respect there are often consequences! 

Today known as Mount Prospect Cemetary and Botanical Gardens (before and after pictures below)

Dare you take a look?

Just remember to be respectful! 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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