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Apparitions of Childrens Bodies Beneath Waters at The Snake River | Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

The Snake River is the largest known North Pacific American river, running a total of 1,078 miles through the Idahoan wilderness at a depth of 2,436ft. The river originates in Wyoming, arcs across sourthern Idaho and completes along the Idaho/Oregon border.

Although a true natural wonder and extremely scenically beautiful, there are tales of it being tinged with truly dark tragedy.

It has been suggested that the Snake River is haunted and many claim to have witnessed extremely disturbing phenomena here.

History suggests that Native Americans in this area experienced famines so severe that, rather than watch their babies and children suffer starvation, they chose to drown them here in this river.

Strange phenomena such as mysterious misty light anomalies gliding across the rivers surface and creepy unexplained voices are consistently being reported from the location. 

However, the most disturbing phenomena to date is the sighting of apparitions of small child like bodies floating hauntingly just beneath the waters surface.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, clearly one can appreciate why so many folks would find such phenomena traumatic to witness.  

Could these apparitions be the spirits of the unfortunate native children? Could their spirits be still lingering here?

Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts often report the unsettling sounds of childrens voices screaming after dark followed by an undeniable sense of dread and negative emotions.

The river continues to be a place of interest for paranormal investigators and enthusiasts.

Have you visited the Snake River?

Did you experience anything unexplained or paranormal? Please share your comments below.

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