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Deadly Curses.

Are They Real Or Simple Folklore?

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is currently seated in Washington D.C. and is one of the most famous jewels in the whole world with ownership records dating back four centuries.

The original stone has been known as The Tavernier Diamond, The French Blue or The Blue Diamond of France being discovered by French gem merchant Jean Baptiste Tavernier. The stone is 112 karats and contains trace amounts of boron atoms mixed with carbon giving its structure a blue glaze. 

There are whispers of this gem being cursed with true evil. 

In 1835 there was entry in an old gem collection catalogue, hand written by esteemed gem collector Sir Henry Hope, from whom the gem takes its name.

In 1910 the gem was sold to Evelyn and Ned McClean who came from the wealthiest families in the United States. Evelyn wore the gem almost every day. 

The McCleans state that this supernatural stone completely destroyed their family, their son was hit and killed by a car, their daughter took her own life, Ned lost his mind, his family business and suffered bankruptcy. They completely fell apart.

A greek merchant owned the diamond for time, he drove his car off a cliff edge with his family in tow. Maybe the best place for the diamond is right where it is today, securely locked away.

The Bjorketorp Runestone

The Bjorketorp Runestone is located in Sweden and is surrounded by a circle of large standing protective stones.

Initially it was believed to be just a grave marker, yet archeologists discovered no buried remains at this location. The stone displays 6th century carved inscriptions of Elder Futhark text, which is the oldest known Runic alphabet.

The texts read ‘prophecy of destruction. I foresee perdition. I, master of the runes, conceal here runes of power and malevolence. Doomed to insidious death is he who ruins this monument’.

It is believed the runestone is cursed and brings death to all who touch it.

A farmer once attempted to heat the stone to test its powers attempting to set fire to the stone. Suddenly a storm erupted and the winds swept the fire which, in turn, caught his clothing. He burned to death by the very flames he had himself created. The runes were mysteriously unaffected.

To this day the runestone has not been disturbed.

Bulgarias Cursed Phone Number

Legend tells of a curse placed on a specific Bulgarian phone number with beliefs that whoever owns this phone number dies. 

At first it was thought to be just an urban legend. However, fear soon grew upon the realization that people actually were dying.

The first to die was Vladimir Grashnov, former CEO of Mobitel, a Bulgarian phone company which ironically issued him the number. Grashnov died immediately upon operating from this number. 

The dooming digits were then passed to notorious Bulgarian mafia boss, Konstantin Dishliev, who was soon after gunned down whilst at a restaurant with friends.

It has been speculated his business rivals orchestrated his association with the telephone number to bring about his demise.

Due to the solidarity behind so many of the claims, and with so much fear, panic and danger surrounding the sinister number, the telecommunication company issued an urgent notice to cease all coverage of this connection.

A Mobitel spokesman, when questioned about the condemned connection stated ‘we have no comment and do not discuss individual telephone numbers’.

Could this be the most sinister phone number ever to be used?

Curse or coincidence?

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