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Ever since we moved into our home around seven years ago, we have heard noises emanating from our attic. A few nights per week i hear faint dragging type sounds accompanied by creaking floorboards, light knocking sounds, but theres nothing, and nobody, up there, its just old luggage cases and unused toys, the usual unused household items etc. I wondered if maybe a bird or rodent may have gotten in somehow, but upon investigation found nothing at all Anyone else had anything like this happen? If so, was it remedied? Please share your experiences.

This reminds me of one of our first investigations.  We were about half way through our night of investigating.  Our whole team was in the garage where we setup central command.  We were all talking and exchanging notes from the night when, BOOM!  We heard a loud thump from over our heads.  Let me explain "loud thump", I mean this noise shook the ceiling and rattled the walls.  @boicgh-matthew and I immediately ran into the house and up the stairs.  When we arrived in the exact spot above where we were there was nothing...  Nothing had moved.  Our cameras and recorders were still rolling.  Everything was exactly the way it was when we went to central command earlier.  We made sure to document the time of the activity.

Later during review we were all excited to hear that sound again.  Unfortunately, it did not pickup on any of our equipment.  We had 5 investigators that night.  All of us heard and felt it.  And yet nothing showed up in review.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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