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Barricaded By Ghosts And Intelligent Hauntings At The Columbia Gorge Hotel | Hood River Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

The Columbia Gorge Hotel located at Hood River, Oregon, was first erected in 1904 by Simon Benson, a notable Portland based philanthropist.

From 1920 to 1950 the property fell into the hands of multiple owners and was even used as a retirement home. Substantial renovation and constructional modifications are believed to have awoken once dormant spirits who died here when it ran as a care home.

An apparition of a tall gentleman wearing a suit and top hat is frequently encountered near the entrance doors, he seemingly greets guests with a polite nod of the head and tip of his hat.

Many guests have frantically contacted staff reporting that their hotel rooms become unexplainably locked, from the inside, leaving them barricaded inside which is undoubtedly distressing to experience.

If you stay here and have trouble exiting your room, you better hope the spirits take kindly to your presence there and allow you to leave. 

Room 330 is said to be home to the Lady In White, who allegedly threw herself from a balcony and died right here.

Staff believe these roaming spirits to be the entities of those who resided here when it was a retirement home and will often detect a mysterious and sudden aroma of cigar smoke.

Could these entities be somehow seeing guests as intruders in their home?

Maybe they are feeling a little territorial?

These hauntings would be categorised as ‘residual’ in nature as they are harmless and non interactive but rather play out like a record, or photographic scene, on repeat.

However, others have described the feel of little hands playfully tugging at their clothing accompanied by the sounds of running footsteps, as if a child is playing a prank and then running away.

This is an ‘intelligent’ haunting which is able to interact, touch, communicate with the living.

Could these child entities simply be feeling mischievous?

One thing is clear, they are seeing this hotel as THEIR home.

So as always, be respectful.

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