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Berengaria Hotel | Cyprus | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

Here we explore the haunting history behind the breathtaking Berengaria Hotel which was built in 1931, nestled in the mountains of Prodomos (meaning Land of the rich) Cyprus which is very fitting as the hotel is often referred to as 'The Kings Hotel'.

The hotel catered to the highest aristocracy, rich and famous for many years including guests such as Winston Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough and the King of Egypt!

During the early 1930s holidaying in the mountains became the stylish way to vacation, surrounded by forests and pools, so the rich would literally flock to the Berengaria and indulge in the impeccable cuisine and fine wines, softly played music and enjoyed mingling with like minded international guests.

The venue housed an on site casino, nightclub and was decadently art-deco in style.

The hotel thrived successfully for over sixty years and then the owners sadly died.

Local folklore suggeste that all owners of the hotel were cursed and would die in suspicious and unexplainable circumstances, so we were further alarmed to discover that the two sons who inherited the hotel also mysteriously and abruptly died! 

Sadly left to decay, this once luxurious haven now nothing but crumbling rocks.

In 1984 service was called for the last time. 

There is a stone structure on the hotel grounds which was dedicated to, and named after, the wife of King Richard the Lionheart. Many believe this statue to be haunted, and locals say they often hear screams and cries coming from the stone itself!

It is also believed two female ghosts roam the hotel. One was a lady who drowned in the swimming pool years earlier. The other ghost is said to have beautiful long dark flowing hair wearing a white linen dress. She stands by a window gazing at the sunset and has been seen by many tourists.

Now derelict and empty, many of the local folk say they dream of the hotel opening again in the future. They long to see the chandeliers glisten as they work their crops in the surrounding fields.

So who knows? Maybe this hotel will be restored some day to its former majestic self! Although it seems some supernatural guests just dont want to leave! 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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