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The history of Birchley Hall (as a centre of resistance to the anti catholic legislation in 1559) has been well documented (see J. F. Giblins THE HISTORY OF BIRCHLEY HALL) in 'North West Catholic History IV' (1973 pg 1-26) and republished with additional material in 1993.

In 1558 (the very first year of Queen Elizabeths monarchal reign) Christopher Anderton purchased Birchley Hall, Lancashire, UK. He refused sit idly whilst his Catholic faith was being pulled from under the very roots he stood upon. 

So they set up a printing press from inside the Hall 'Catholic Publishing' press, producing such titles as 'The Liturgie of The Mass'.

He was a successful lawyer and appears to have acquired the property for 'an old song'. He died in 1593, suceeded by his son James. 

During 1618, his younger brother Roger Anderton, had disguised himself as a granary, and built a chapel and presbytery onto the side of the Hall. The 3-storey building (seen on the left of the photograph) included living quarters for the priest via concealed passageways.

The chapel regularly celebrated mass, until the official opening of St Marys Chapel on the other (opposite) side of Birchley Road in 1828.

Now the Hall is used a Nursing and Care Home and to this day with many reports of footsteps and voices being heard with some folk believe the Andertons never truly left. 



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