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Boise Barber Shop Offers Nostalgic Charm of Days Gone By | Belmont Barber Shop | Hannifins Cigar Store | Community | Historical | Idaho

Downtown Boise, nestled amongst Idahos scenic foothills, has so much to offer including some fantastic venues, and welcomes all communities. Boise is home to some great nostalgic and historical places, one such place is the Belmont Barbershop, housed in the original Hannifins Cigar Shop on West Main Street.

This place truly captures that much sought after traditional and nostalgic ambience of a true gentlemans barber shop and specialises in haircuts and straight cut razor shaves at reasonable prices.

There is an undeniable general warmth that you just don't seem to get in the more modern establishments, it's no wonder people keep coming back to the unmistakeable charm of Boise. You can't really put a price on personal attention from staff who care, with a refreshing mens camaraderie and gaining a glimpse into the nostalgia of barbers of yesteryear.

This store also has some great history to it when it was linked with a police search of a concealed weapon in the local murder case of Cora Dean, and also a possible paranormal haunting here.

We have written two related articles on our paranormal section in regards to this topic. Please enquire below for more details.

Boise is widely known for its community care and we are delighted to be home to such establishments today. 

So whether its ghost stories, history or a haircut you need. We've got you covered.

Photographs sourced at | | belmontbarbershop.facebook

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