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Recently we were sent a video clip to analyze. At face value this clip was a great potential piece of evidence. But as with all paranormal evidence you can't take anything at face value.

As you watch the clip  you will notice that the camera seems to track motion. However, there is nothing visibly moving in the shot. When the camera finally comes to a stand still everything seems normal. Until you can see a shadow appear as if from the floor and leave the room.

When we first received this clip it was cool to watch.  At Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Research and Investigations we look forward to the challenge of deciphering between fact and fiction. The hard part with things we receive via email is that we don't immediately get the full picture of the room, house and environment. When it comes to shadows and light anomalies it is very important to understand where they are coming from. Lights in a room. Natural light through windows. The direction of the lighting and how the shadow reacts to the surfaces around it.

In this instance it turns out the shadow was produced by the homeowner walking past a window in the kitchen a room over. The cool part in this situation is that the homeowner took the time to recreate the shadow himself. He waited until the same time of day and retraced his movements from the evening prior. He was able to recreate the moment exactly. He took the time to take the same steps we would have taken if given the opportunity. Well done, sir...

Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Research and Investigations truly love what we do. We love helping our community in times when it is hard to find anyone else to believe you. As much as we love investigating. We equally love and appreciate educating folks and watching them solve their own mysteries. BoiCGH is always here to answer questions and help in any way we are capable. And if simply being an ear to bend is what is needed. Then we are happy to oblige...

Be safe. Stay alert. And know we are here to help...

Video Clip

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