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Bram Stokers Dracula at Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, England

Built in 657 AD Whitby Abbey located in North Yorkshire, England, an ancient fishing village dating back almost 2000 years, was Bram Stokers inspiration whilst penning the novel Dracula. Bram Stoker holidayed many times in Whitby. The dog mentioned in his novel jumped off a ship and ran to a graveyard (st Marys graveyard just adjacent) and bites his first victim. It all 'happened' right here in Whitby in the great mind of Stoker!

The Abbey now a skeleton of its former glory but in its day was a breathtaking gothic monastery.

Dracula enthusiasts flock to the abbey each year for a glimpse of the abbey describing it as 'deliciously atmospheric with a dark undertow'.

Some claim they have witnessed apparitions of vampires and witches fleeting between the ruins which is no surprise considering the abbey is very hundreds of years retaining much exquisite history.

Others claim to have seeing the infamous 'pale lady' believed to be the spirit of Saint Hilda who founded the Abbey, she has been seen many times standing near the entrance, as if protecting her territory. Many have heard unexplained footsteps and screams from empty rooms. Others have seen dark shadow figures and even caught the evidence on camera.

The ghost of Constance de Beverley is also said to reside here. She was a nun who was shunned here when she broke her vows by falling in love with Marmion, a local knight. The body of poor unfortunate Constance was found bricked up in the abbeys walls. It is believed she was still alive when placed here.

Paranormal teams say that they believe literally hundreds of spirits haunt the abbey because the abbey is situated literally next to a substantial graveyard and the famous St Marys Church and its 199 steep entrance steps which many visit to climb. 

Visitors say that as night falls within the town of Whitby, the whole vibe alters. 

Legendary vampires? Real spirits? Why not come and look for yourself if you feel brave enough.

Yorkshire is known for its delicacy of 'black pudding' or 'blood pudding' which is normally dried pigs blood and we wander if this could be linked to its vampiristic history. 

If you visit Whitby today there are many Dracula themed giftshops selling such items as 'vampire relish' and 'blood tonic cordial'.

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