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Can Children Sense Ghosts?

Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters if you are running from it, we will run faster towards it. We are here to help in any way we can. If anything below resonates with you please contact the team.

Here we cover thoughts on the topic of children sensing spiritual energy.

Some professionals have stated that they believe children are more susceptible to picking up on energies, that would otherwise go unnoticed by adults, due to their elevated sense of awareness.

Here are a few actual examples of parental reports of such events.


One family claimed they were relocating and viewing condos. Their daughter was almost three years old. After a full day of house viewings the child asked if they could move into the one with the little boy who played with her. The child says the boy had waved at her and beckoned her to come play.


A family moved into a house where the mans wife had not long passed away, the lady was around seventy years old. On the first night in the home the child said 'goodnite mama and please say goodnight to the grandma behind you'.


One couple claim their four year old son told them he played with a ghost friend, a little girl. So they strategically placed some toys in the playroom but took their son to sleep with them. Sure enough the next morning, whilst the boy still slept in their bed the toys had been moved. In the months that followed they would hear doors slam but the boy simply said 'its ok my friend does that when she doesn't want to play anymore'.


A five year old girl whose grandpa passed away six months before her birth said 'daddy grandad visited me last night he wants you to know he is doing just fine'.

We find it truly fascinating that children sometimes sense and see the paranormal. 

If you have any experiences please feel free to comment below!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 

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