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Can You Feel The Evil Death Row Entities | Oregon State Penitentiary | Salem Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

Have you heard of the Death Row Fortress Ghosts?

Is it just me or did it just get cold in here?

Oregon State Penitentiary, in Salem, is a Maximum Security Prison which was first known as the Oregon Territory Jail. The original site was at Portland and was described by many as an ‘impenetrable fortress’.

The prison first opened in 1842, but sadly it succumbed to a devastating fire, burning to the ground in 1846.

In 1866 a Legislative Act ordered that many of the inmates be moved to a new and larger prison, due to overcrowding, set to be established within Salem. However, this new venture did not go without its problems. This was very much a place of horrors and initially ran more akin to a nightmare asylum than a prison.

Mismanagement was rife with many being horrifically abused and even tortured. Others were left out in the cold to freeze to death by drunken jovial guards who thought it to be funny.

Many convicts escaped in desperation.

So is it any surprise that this location is prolific for its supernatural sightings. The infamous Death Row is still in use today and rumoured to be actively haunted by multiple entities.

The very first prisoner was Indian Charley who later escaped. Many believe that Charley haunts the prison in spirit today amongst other supernatural spectres.

Prison guards continually report hearing loud audible stomping footsteps echo the stone cold corridors at night accompanied by the sound of metal clanging sounds as if something is forcefully pushing on cell doors for access.

What do you think wants to come in?

The underground tunnels here were used to transport the most dangerous of criminals between blocks. It is alleged that staff also had an underground lab here where they would perform experimental procedures and surgeries on inmates.

Because down here, no one will hear your screams.

Front desk staff intercoms will spontaneously alert and loudly broadcast the disturbing sounds of a female screaming, commotion and disturbance. It has been speculated this may be the ghost of a lady who committed suicide here.

The North Guard Tower has a reputation for being one of Oregons most haunted locations. One ex security guard told how when he first got a job here he immediately became aware of the creepy and unexplained phenomena. This employee says ‘I never ever felt alone here’.

Could this be linked to the fact that the prison was, once again, built over old burial grounds. This grave site was paved over and later used as an inmates recreation yard.

Phantom voices, scratching sounds, shadow figures darting around the upper levels and frightening ghostly faces peering through cell rails are all phenomena experienced here after the lights go out.

What do you think?

Could these ex convicts be roaming the site today in spirit? Or are these the disturbed dead who were originally laid to rest here?

We do know that hundreds of visitors have described this placed as ‘truly evil’.

Can evil really come from one realm to another?

Have you ever sensed an evil presence? Because if you have we would like you to drop a comment below.

For anyone interested in reading more about Oregon hauntings just hit our book link below.

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