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Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman ... and The Aura Of Fear | Community | Seasonal | Horror | Halloween | BoiCGH

Halloween is almost upon us and we can truly feel that atmosphere switching up!

Drop a comment below if you have watched Candyman.

What do you know about this trench coat clad hook wielding serial killer? Unparalleled rave reviews swept the globe as Tony Todd was described as ‘bringing Candyman to an almost supernatural Shakespearean level’  bringing the urban legend character to life.

Box office sales went crazy with each Candyman release, the latest reimagined by the mind of Nia DaCosta and co written by Jordan Peele. Candyman was the child of original short story The Forbidden by legendary British horror writer Clive Barker which was set in 1800s London. Director and screenwriter, Bernard Rose, took The Forbidden and finely adapted the tale, relocating it from London to the States.

2020 saw the release of the long awaited sequel.

But do you know Candyman is part inspired by factual events?

You might find the real life events far more sinister than the movies.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts taken into consideration before production.

In 1974, a Pasadena father of two, Ronald O Bryan, passed out poisoned candy to young children who were trick or treating. The only victim that night was his own eight year old son who complained just before his death that ‘the candy did not taste right’.

This is one of the most gruesome real life Halloween horror stories ever recorded and left its mark on a once idyllic and peaceful neighbourhood who claimed that Halloween would never be the same.

The father wore a long dark raincoat, his sleeves and pockets filled with cyanide filled pixie sticks. A trusted parent, now a cold blooded child killer.

O Bryan was sentenced to death by Houston authorities and killed by lethal injection.

Do you have any Candyman tales to share with us?

As stated in the 1992 release of Candyman, saying his name five times Bloody Mary style whilst looking into a mirror would summon a deadly murdering entity.

Why then did writer Bernard Rose describe ‘feeling a very real palpable aura of fear whilst filming’? Candyman in the movies is purely fictional, the ghost of Daniel Robitaille.

But what about entities that can manifest by way of mirrors?

Could an entity really manifest through a mirror?

What do you think? Let's talk about it. I am currently researching this very topic.

Have many times have you said CANDYMAN out loud?

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