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Carlisle Castle, Lake District, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom

Once named Castle Luguvalium, built on ancient Roman forts by William the Conqueror as a defence against the Scots, this Norman-esque castle has stood the test of time.

Dating back to 1093 Carlisle Castle is home to an extremely violent past and has had a multitude of ghost sightings reported by visitors.

The castle has previously been used as a barracks and also a prison.

The most famous ghost is that of The Phantom Lady.  During 1823 a soldier witnessed an apparition and became so frightened that he ran towards her with his bayonet and was horrified wen the bayonet went straight thru her ghostly body! The soldier duly fainted with shock but was later revived by his supporting comrades.

Inside the Captains Tower area a skeleton was found bricked into the walls, it was a female holding a baby with remnants of what appeared to be a tartan garment. The skeleton even had three golden rings on its fingers, she is known as 'the Scottish ghost of Carlisle' and many believe this is the same lady the soldier encountered. Many believe that her spirit haunts the castle to this day, and that she is perplexed at being excavated and disturbed.

Back in 1992 the alarms in the Kings Regiment Museum were spontaniously set off, for three nights in a row, this event was completely unexplainable.

With over 900 years history it's no surprise we have so many paranormal reports.

There are underground dungeons where many have encountered woeful cries and moans and even clanking and dragging chain sounds.

It is here that Mary Queen of Scots was held captive in one of the towers!

One guest reported to seeing a black shadow figure non chalantly walking beside her as she walked down to the cellar area, later disappearing into thin air.

Many have reported that there are spirits of malevolent monks who roam the dark hallways at nightfall and some claim they have heard their eery mysterious chanting.

If you are ever in the area around November 5th the castle hold a spectacular Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night display!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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