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My Own Personal Story | Out of Control Phenomena at Castle Menzies | Scotland | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Scotland | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

Standing majestically atop the Aberfeldy hills in Scotland is Castle Menzies. A stunning 16th century mansion with surrounding fields of old.

I was honoured to have spent some time here on my honeymoon when I attained the surname McMinn which is listed on the official Menzies clan list. I can personally state that I myself believe this castle is haunted after personally experiencing much phenomena here which I will share below.

The Menzies family originated from Perthshire, the clan owned several castles within Scotland, under the jurisdiction of Sir Robert Menzies (11th Baron of Menzies) specifically at the western regions of Loch Tay and Ardeonaig.

The castle withstood Jacobite rebellion alongside leader Bonnie Prince Charlie at Cullodens battle mid 17th century. Sir Neil Menzies, 8th Baronet, the last known Clan leader died without heirs in 1910.

In 1957 clan societies made it their mission to keep the castle as a historical landmark and a Castle Warden was appointed and the doors were opened to the public.

In 1995 the very first Clan dinner was held in the grand room of the Dewar Room. These rooms were nothing short of breathtaking. I stood in awe and truly felt i was for a moment back in time right there with the Minghus Clans. 

Excitedly I signed up to attend one of the castles night tours. As we gathered around a grand open flame fire with other guests who were excitedly enjoying a 'wee dram' of whisky.

The proprietor took us to an upstairs 'barn like' room where we were informed a 'randy ghost with an eye for the ladies' resides and will very often physically touch female guests who 'tickle his fancy'.

I remember laughing to myself thinking this to be just a silly story conjured up to entertain visitors. But i was about to discover just how real this spirit was. A few moments later I felt a strong invisible hand grip my thigh! It certainly took me by surprise and I cant quite describe what I felt apart from sheer shock.

We further ventured up to some bedrooms where we were told we were likely to hear footsteps even though all the rooms above had been empty for over 300 years.

Again I confess I was hesitant to believe, yet sure enough ten minutes later, my tummy flipped over upon hearing the sudden thuds of loud audible footsteps running across floors directly above, followed by childrens laughter. My stomach literally churned, as I had never experienced paranormal phenomena on this level.

I always thought hearing childrens laughter like that would leave me feeling somewhat afraid, yet I felt no fear but rather sadness and sympathy swept over me. This was truly a first for me and i was truly shocked and amazed.

A Spanish paranormal tv investigation crew who were filming there whilst we toured the rooms actually pulled me to one side and stated they had literally just caught activity surrounding me as I stood by the fireplace. There was a toybox placed in the corner of the room as it used to be a playroom and staff said that if we put the hats or outfits on it may encourage child spirits to play. I pulled out a hat and popped it on my head and stood by the fireplace.

I remember genuinely feeling the atmosphere alter. It was right then that the tv crew approached me. They stated they recorded many light anomalies surrounding me, around my leg level, the same height as children. They stated that they had searched for activity for hours, and that it seemed my playfulness had drawn the childrens spirits out to play.

I was handed some dowsing rods which some say will automatically point towards any active areas, maybe a room where trauma occurred. Repeatedly the rods were drawn to a specific corner of the vaults room area where we were informed that many prisoners were tortured. Another site the dousing rods were drawn to was the kitchen area where enemies babies were sadly and barbarically discarded into open ovens.

As we made our way down a stone spiral stairwell, we head a child crying, loudly, so loud I covered my ears.

The whole experience left me with a greater appreciation of all things paranormal after witnessing it first hand. I always thought something like this would terrify me or leave me with a bad aftertaste or a fear of the supernatural world and somehow I was left feeling honoured.

Yet honestly, it was a hauntingly beautiful experience and I think about it often. 

If ever you are in Scotland, Menzies Castle needs to be top of your list.

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