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Cathedral Park Ghosts | Portland | Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

The wonderfully scenic evergreen landscape situated just under the St Johns Bridge, on the East Side section is known as Cathedral Park. This park is believed to be one of Oregons most haunted locations. 

Back in 1949 a 15 year old Roosevelt High School student, namely Thelma Taylor, was tragically murdered here. Thelma was waiting for a bus and was lured into a truck by 22 year old Morris Leland who asked if she would show him where a local beauty spot was, but later murdered her, callously disgarding her body in a pile of driftwood.

Leland was sentenced to death in 1951 and took his final walk, to the gas chambers, in 1953.

Almost 70 years later the event, now synonymous with the local area, is still vivid in the towns memory, and continues to fascinate and draw people in. 

The park is a hot spot for Paranormal teams and they can regularly be seen conducting YouTube videos, during which many have claimed to hearing loud audible screaming sounds emanating from the river and surrounding dense forest, especially at night.

It is of some interest that visitors report whilst walking their pets, dogs are visibly alarmed and hesitant when approaching the East side bridge area. Maybe the animals can sense Thelmas presence here?

There have also been other voices recorded, not Thelmas, which has lead investigators to believe that the park is haunted by multiple spirits. 

Thelma, although buried at the local Columbia cemetary, is believed to actively haunt the area directly underneath the bridge where her life was so prematurely stolen.

An amazing location with some very real history if ever you are around the Cathedral Park area why not stop by!

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