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Char Man (2019) | Movies | Review | Entertainment | Community |

Last night I watched the 2019 released Char Man. 


This movie follows two friends as they initially set about investigating the fire ravaged Californian woodlands, the supposed site of the Char Man story of a son who was unable to come to terms with the death of his father and went insane. 

However, things take a different turn when unexpected events unfold around them and discover yet another mystery accompanied by unexplained phenomena.

They soon discover that the site is also home to the infamous Ojai vampire tales. 

According to local history, the Ojai vampire legend is genuine.  It is believed that a real European vampire relocated to Ojai county near the Ventura Historical Museum near Creek Road and it is believed his heart-staked skeletal remains are still buried there. 

There have been actual apparition sightings of this vampire who appears heavily guarded by two terrifying phantom hounds near the bridge at the San Antonio Creek. Many believe there are very real entities which have been conjured up here in these woodlands.

Let us know if you have heard of the Ojai vampires or if you enjoyed watching Char Man.

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