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Chateau Miranda | Belgium | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

This stunning 100 room, 19th century gothic style chateau once captivated all who gazed upon her!

With beautiful storybook turrets and ivy draped windows, it was easy to fall instantly in love with such a place.

Due to its fairytale like appeal and stunning backdrop landscape the chateau became a much treasured landmark of Belgium and many said it would have been the perfect place to film a  Bram Stoker movie. Many who visited described the sheer size of the place as 'simply mind blowing'.

Also said to have been inhabited by many aristocrats seeking escape the guillotine!

Designed by English architect Edward Milner and built in 1907, the mansion was nicknamed by urban explorers and paranormal investigators as 'Chateau Noisy' as it is believed to be extremely actively haunted!

During WW2 German troops took control of the property and used it as an orphanage for over twenty years and sadly hundreds of children died here.

In 1991 maintenance funds ran dry and the building sadly fell victim to vandalism and deterioration. After being severely damaged in a fire in 1991, the property stood empty and desolate for many years. Despite numerous efforts by the Municipality of Celles to save the chateau she was finally demolished in 2006, which caused much heartache, I suppose there is truth in the saying 'not all fairytales have happy endings'.

Yet many still visit the grounds the chateaux stood upon believing it to be to haunted. Some have even found discarded orphanage toys, dolls and shoes.

Many have reported hearing eery cries in the night, and seeing show figures pass by the surrounding fields. Could this be echoes of the little orphans who died here here? 

Thankfulluly internal and external photographs of the chateau were taken before her demolition and you can freely view these online.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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