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Child Possession | Resources | Community Help | Paranormal

Ephesians 6 : 'For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood...but against powers of darkness'.

What if one day you suspected something so disturbing that you inwardly struggled to even think the words, nevermind saying it out loud?  The subject of child possession is for many a controversial topic with much diversity.  There are people who insist on it being unheard of that an innocent child could become possessed whilst others vehemently disgree. Because demons will stop at nothing, and nobody, to bring their dark agendas to full fruition.

You may fear your very own child is possessed. But then you hide within the walls of your own rationale clinging to statements like 'this couldn't happen in real life' and  'surely this kind of thing only happens in movies?'.  Yet unexplained and disturbing things begin happening in your very own home. Where do you go from there?

We are here to help as best we can and hope that anyone experiencing such traumatic or worrying circumstances might find some guidance from the following advice.

Throughout the ages it has been widely known that there have been widespread cases of adults and even children becoming demonically possessed.

In medieval times before people understood possession they referred to it 'Diabolical Rage' as said persons would display intense fits of anger and sometimes violence. Acts 8 v 7 '.. unclean spirits came out, shouting with loud voices.. '

Emotions, trauma and change are very often linked with child possession, and it has been suggested that girls of a pre pubescent age are more, but not exclusively, at risk because demonic beings are known to draw on human emotion and disturbance with children being open and easily infiltrated.

We would suggest that if you wanted to monitor your childs sleeping pattern more closely to monitor any disturbance that you set a video recorder within the childs room, if anything this will serve as a safety precaution. In the morning you can review any findings. 

If you are religious.  Pray out loud. Demons hate to hear the name of Jesus being called upon so use its power! Mark 3 v 11 'When the unclean spirits saw Jesus they cried out'. Hold a crucifix, a rosary, a Bible, holy water. Pray in Jesus name requesting deliverance but we advise you seek the support of your church authorities at this trying time.

*NEVER EVER FRIGHTEN A CHILD or cause alarm to a child.  This is only a temporary situation which prayfully should be resolved and we do not want permanent trauma caused. Discussion should be between adults*

The Vatican first issued Exorcism guidelines in 1614 after witnessing individuals who were possessed showing signs of superhuman strength, cursing, levitating, speaking in tongues, spitting and violence.

Children can be more susceptible to possession as they are innocent and open channels which are more easily manipulated.

Unusually bad behaviour, anger, signs of detachment are not always directed to possession but may be simply be resulting from circumstances ie change, divorce, abuse even. It is of utmost importance a professional, whether it be a doctor or psychiatrist or church leader deciphers the true origin of the childs suffering.

Please know that true authority can only be found through God. If you suspect your child to be showing signs of possession manifestation we strongly encourage that you seek further guidance from the appropriate governing authority at your local place of worship as there may be required intervention such as a time of praying and laying on of hands to cause the entity to flee. 

Never seek to conduct an exorcism independently as this could rapidly become beyond your control. Whilst praying over your child is acceptable it is vital  you seek appropriate guidance from ordained clergy or elders experienced in possession as to which route to take. First and foremost is establishing if the child is actually possessed in the first instance. 

Mark 1 v 26 'Be quiet and come out of him!'

This information is solely based on knowledge found and researched in depth via books and the internet.  Boise City Ghost Hunters provides this information for the purpose of research and education.    

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 


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