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Children Used As Test Subjects Haunt Letchworth Village | Rockland County New York | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Sometimes we discover a whole haunted town, covered in phenomena, drenched in the unexplained. 

In 1911, Letchworth Village was originally used a former institution for the mentally and physically disabled consisting of 130 buildings on 3062 acres designed to accommodate 3000 patients.

Questionable and inhumane treatments of patients, many of them under the age of sixteen. 

In 1950 Dr Kaprowski conducted hundreds of unethical tests. The tests included torture.  

His test subjects? 

The children, human test subjects. 

The establishment were experts at presenting a clean cut pristine image, but it was superficial. Little did the world know there were minors, screaming behind the walls. The institute were were concealing gross misconduct, maltreatment, abuse and even death. 

When these horrors were brought to light, all the staff involved literally ran for the hills and went into hiding, denying all knowledge of the abuse. 

But guess what, those children remember.  


Those child souls were buried nearby in thousands of unmarked graves. 

It is alleged that Letchworth village is actively haunted today. Go into any establishment in the area and you will discover some paranormal tale attached to that site. 

Many local buildings including school campuses, churches and business offices, have reported unsettling phenomena such as ghosts walking through actual walls, the apparitions of children visibly crying and calling out for help.  

But what really is disturbing is that these child spirits are often accompanied by darker more sinister entities in the form of black mass shadows, standing visibly next to them. Local schools across Letchworth report childrens toys have been seen to move unaided with teachers witnessing doors slamming shut. 

Are these dark entities somehow repressing those children in the supernatural realm? 

One faculty member reported her ankles being physically grabbed and pinned to the ground by unseen hands whilst others have seen floating light anomalies. 

Could this be a residual haunting of one of the evil doctors who forcibly restrained children? 

There is definitely something strange going on in Letchworth. 

Could it be paranormal? 

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