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The Ghost of Lady Eleanor and Attachment Spirits at Chingle Hall | Most Haunted House in England | Goosnargh | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

Chingle Hall was built in 1260 by Sir Adam Singleton. In 1679 a man named John Wall, a Father of the priesthood, was hanged here for heresy. He was beheaded and his head taken to France then returned here where it is buried alongside his corpse. His spirit is said to actively haunt the property.

One lady who confesses to being very sceptical, stayed a night here for a local charity event and vowed never to return after seeing a white scotty ghost dog running down a corridor.

Another couple claim they were literally chased out of the property after seeing not just one, but three ghostly apparitions and being physically pushed. 

Many reports have been made of an unexplained little girl, holding a bunch of flowers, appearing in guests photographs.

There is a small chapel on the property and distant sounds of monks, as if chanting, have been heard.

People have felt their clothes being tugged at, particularly blonde haired guests. One visitor a parent, stated that her little girl felt someone touching and grasping her hands. It is believed the spirit of Lady Eleanor who was also murdered here, always loved blonde haired children and some believe it is her spirit that reaches out to play with visiting children.

Loud footsteps are often heard and many report that electronic items such as camcorders, cameras, mobile phones and wrist watches all mysteriously fail to work after leaving the property.

One incident is particularly unsettling. A group of friends entered the property only to flee moments later. One individual started to recite prayers, but backwards, and the car they were driving began heading directly towards a tree almost killing them all. They were later informed that an evil spirit may had attached to them.

Why not book a stay at Chingle Hall to see if you encounter anything 'chilling'.

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