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Christians and Ghost Hunting | Religious | Informational | Boise, ID | Paranormal

Recently it has been brought to my attention just how contorted some Christians views are of Ghost Hunting.  This is dually upsetting to me since I am both a Christian and a Ghost Hunter.  These are a few of the quotes I have read "...Yes, they are wasting their valuable lives and time on something very shallow and unfulfilling indeed to say nothing for the people who regularly watch these shows.  God help them..."  "...I know people who, after watching these programs, are now seriously using and exploring Ouija boards, Tarot and other aspects of the occult..."  "...While I most definitely believe in the ‘reality’ of ghosts, I also believe that these spirits are nothing to play around with, there is a reason why these dark souls have not made it to heaven..."  "...These programs are dangerous on a number of levels.  It encourages people to explore the occult..."  I know that my para-group Boise City Ghost Hunters is opposed to such communication devices as Ouija boards, and psychics.  Furthermore, I don't personally know of any para-groups that do promote the use of such tools.  It really bothers me that someone would think paranormal investigation is a "waste of valuable lives and time".  I think it is the exact opposite.  It is an important use of time to help a fellow neighbor during what is in most cases a very traumatic experience.

"There is a reason these dark souls have not made it to heaven"?  Matthew 27:52-53, "and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose; and having come forth out of the tombs after Jesus' rising, they went into the
holy city and appeared to many."  So my question would be, why if the saints appeared to many, rising from their tombs, would all of the souls today be dark and negative entities? Even Jesus' disciples proclaimed they had seen an apparition when He was walking upon the water in Matthew 14:26.

"It encourages people to explore the occult"? I have seen many Ghost Hunting shows talk about the occult or show a symbol here and there. Yet I have never heard them say anything good could come of those affiliations and/or rituals.  If nothing else, I would say most of the time these shows confirm why it is not good to entertain the thoughts of any occult involvement.  Again, I would state that I don't know of any "real life" paranormal ghost hunting groups that support the use of negative agents.  I look at ghost hunting as a way for me to help my community when people have nowhere else to turn.  Because they are embarrassed to talk with their church, or not worried enough to call the police.  Or they are terrified beyond their capacity and want some closure.  That is why I founded Boise City Ghost Hunters.  Our goal is to walk into a home where children won't sleep in their bedrooms.  Or an adult is scared for his or her well-being.  And figure out what is going on.  Even if the evidence shows some signs of paranormal, or none at all, at least we have helped that family or person reach some understanding. From there we can help figure out the next step towards normalcy.  Sometimes it may bring a person closer to his or her faith.  We are simply trying to bring safety and peace of mind to those in need.  Michael H - Founder, Boise City Ghost Hunters - We are here to help you, whatever way we can.

Romans 12:13 "When Gods people are in need, be ready to help them."

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Angela Jane

Such great and relevant points Michael! Well said. Theres such a vast difference between self proclaimed lights camera action sensationalist groups, and then theres Boise City Ghost Hunters, real people with humble hearts with the sole mission of bringing peace and genuine enlightenment. Thanku for all u do. 

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