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Although not paranormal in nature, we take a look at some of Idahos ongoing coldcase files which, we think you will agree, are equally sinister.

1. Tragic Reunion

On May 11th 1987, Don Smith planned visiting his daughter Brenda Walker in Idaho. The two had recently been reunited after many years of not knowing each other due to divorce.  Strangely her father introduced himself with another individual, an unidentified unknown man later discovered to be a hitchhiker.

They later went for drinks at local bars. Don was an alcoholic and quicky became inebriated. Brenda swifly left and the night ended early. She would never see her father again. Just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho, his body was discovered. He had been struck on the back of his head with a jack handle from his very own truck. Larry Munroe was found in possession on Dons truck yet the case was never declared solved. 

2. Holy Agenda

William L Toomey is a company who manufacture Priest and Catholic attire. In December 1982 a man walked into The Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Boise. He never made it to confession. He had swallowed a cyanide pill. A note and envelope of money was discovered in his pocket with instructions for his funeral and signed 'William L Toomey'.

His clothes were traced back to Arizona. One year prior, two Priests had been killed in Arizona. The man died shortly afterwards. Suicide. Confession? But who was the man? The case is still unsolved.

3.  Poisonous Exit

Darwin Kenneth Vest, was a local Idaho toxicologist who specialised in poisons and had worked with the FBI in solving cases. He owned Eagle Rock Research Centre in Idaho.

He was last seen on June 2nd 1999 in Idaho Falls.  He was seen with friends at the Frosty Gator and later walked to the Golden Crown Lounge on Shoup Avenue.

He never returned home again. Some believe he may have simply fallen into the Snake River whilst others say there was an unidentified gentleman with him at the bar who forced Darwin to leave with him. The case was never solved.

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