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Since the beginning of Boise City Ghost Hunters there has been one request we receive more than any other.   That request is to analyze pictures taken from around the valley and beyond.  I personally love receiving these emails because it means a great deal to me to have such trust from the community. The most popular images we receive to review are of mysterious mists floating through the air.  Approximately 95 percent of the time these ghostly mysteries are a combination of cold weather and taking a breath simultaneously while taking the shot.  Don’t feel bad if you have fallen victim to breathing.  The best remedy is to hold your breath approximately 5 seconds before and after your shot.  In the future if you think you have captured a suspicious mist, recap when and where you took the image.  Was it cold?  Was it early morning? Etc. 


The other most common misperception is seeing a face in a picture, most of the time this is due to matrixing.  Matrixing is the mind finding familiar shapes in the midst of many other more complex shapes.  An example would be looking at a textured wall and finding the image of an animal within.

When it comes to analyzing images these are the methods we use to determine the validity of the questioned source.  One thing to always keep in mind is that we weren’t there when the picture was taken.  If you take a picture and it stands out to you, be sure to jot down the time, date, and weather conditions.  So that we can best assist you with your questions.

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Photo sourced - Ghost Photos Revealed

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