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New York Store 'COS' Haunted by Girl in The Well | Spring Street New York | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

There is a store at 129 Spring Street in New York called 'Cos'. This store was listed in the 'Top 10 Haunted Places in America'.  In 1980 excavation work revealed a seven foot tall stone well. This well was the centre of an unsolved murder case in 1799 called 'The Manhattan Well Murder' case.

A young girls body was discovered in this well and it is said her spirit has haunted the well ever since.

On December 22nd 1799 a young lady named Guliana Elmore Sands left her Greenwich Street boarding house to meet boyfriend Levi Weeks, the two wished to be married in secret and planned to elope that very night. Sadly, she was never seen again.

Eleven days later Gulianas body was found at the bottom of an old well in a nearby meadow close to Spring Street. She had visible strangulation marks across her neck. There were rumours that Guliana was pregnant with Levis child and he had killed her.

Levi was arrested, tried, found guilty. However, his stellar defence team being second to none worked their magic. Levi was aquitted and walked away a free man.

The store today is home to much paranormal phenomena and unexplained activity. Daily shoppers continuously report being touched by invisible hands, witnessing unexplained light anomalies and experiencing electronic disturbances.

Could this be the spirit of Guliana searching for a way out of the well? Is she trying to tell the real story of what happened to her? How tragic that such a young prominent girls life would end in such horrific circumstances.

It is possible this could be a residual haunting as she suffered much trauma through strangulation. Many say Guliana is unaware of her fate, many spirits still think they are alive and simply want to interact with their surroundings.

The well remains untouched since 1799 when buildings were erected on top of the meadows. Many find it creepy that this well has even survived over 200 years. The well is located downstairs in the Mens Department, continue to the back of the store, and there you can view the historic well which is now famous as one of New Yorks historical murder crime scenes.

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