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COVID-19 Protocols | Boise City Ghost Hunters | Paranormal | Investigations | Community | BoiCGH

Thank you for considering Boise City Ghost Hunters for your paranormal investigations and resources. During these unprecedented times we have had to postpone investigations and meetings for safety. We feel we have reached a point where we can safely and successfully proceed with investigations again…

Below we have listed out our protocols if and when an investigation is warranted…

  • All team members and clients involved during the investigation will wear masks and socially distance.
  • If any member of our team feels ill they will be absent from the investigation. If that creates a situation where we are short team members we will reschedule the investigation for a later date.
  • Team temperature checks prior to the investigation
  • Temperature checks of any clients that intend to stay during the investigation. If any client has a temperature that needs to stay during the investigation. We will reschedule the investigation for a later date.
  • All BoiCGH equipment will be cleaned prior to setup of the investigation.
  • BoiCGH will have hand sanitizer and wipes on hand during the investigation.


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Angela Jane

Thats great news ! 

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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