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Dead Children In Nightmares A Blood Red Cross And Emotional Attachment Hauntings Concordia University Quebec Montreal Canada | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | BoiCGH

A blood red cross commemorates the execution of John Baptiste Goyer who robbed and murdered a young newly wedded couple in Quebec, Montreal, in 1752.

His punishment?

He was sentenced to death by torture in the public town square. First he was tied to a revolving wheel which pulled his limbs slowly apart. Then his bones were smashed until he died.

The looming blood red cross still stands, a stark reminder of his death. An inscription was written at the top of the cross. A warning ‘not to commit heinous crimes’.

Many tourists claim to seeing a spectre sat at the cross which is believed the ghost of Goyer himself.

There is another macabre incident which took place in Montreal.

Discussing ghosts of children naturally always pulls a little harder on the heartstrings.

I never can decide which hurts more, knowing that they suffered and died so young or pondering that they may not even be aware that they have died and passed on.

Another incident which took place nearby is the tragic loss of orphans. In 1737 the Grey Nuns building was established. Today the building is Concordia Student Campus. The nuns offered shelter to abused women and abandoned children. The children were always cared for and put to bed safely. However, on Valentines night in 1918, a curtain caught fire on a candle and the orphanage went up in flames.

Fifty four very young children including babies died that day.

It comes as no surprise then that students in the dormitories here today frequently report phenomena by way of full spectrum apparitions walking the hallways.  Staff report sensing the very real presence of those spirit children today and many students who sleep in the dorms describe horrific visions, nightmares featuring little dead children and severely disturbed sleep.

Are these nightmares really the children manifesting their presence into the living today?

Maybe they are wanting to tell the story of what really happened to them that horrific night.

One student says she often hears babies screaming and hears trampling sounds like commotion of people trying to escape. Others detected the smell of charred wood and flesh in the air.

Could it be true that the more traumatic a death, the heavier residual imprint it leaves?

Groups of little children are often seen playing, giggling, some even hand in hand. These child entities not only haunt the hallways inside but often members of the public will see those children outside within the town square today.

Residual hauntings cling to the place they were emotionally tied in life. It is completely within reason that those spirit children linger here today.

They are here because it was the last emotionally familiar place they were attached to when living, it's as simple as that.

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