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Deadly Curse At The Grande Ol Opry Ryman Auditorium | Nashville Tennessee | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

In 1885 Thomas Ryman watched a gospel sermon by Evangelist Samuel Jones.

He was so inspired by this sermon that he opened the building as Union Gospel Tabernacle, it was also known as the Grand Ol Opry and was later renamed Thomas Ryman Auditorium in the late 1970s.

There was a period during the 1970s when over thirty five people, all linked with this location, suffered untimely deaths.

There were rumors that the auditorium was somehow cursed. It is speculated their spirits returned to the very place which claimed their existence, this auditorium, which they residually haunt today.

The auditorium is now a live music venue. But be warned, Thomas Ryman loved this auditorium so much he allegedly haunts the venue today. He has been seen to manifest, as a translucent apparition, floating right over spectating crowds.

This is not the only phenomena experienced here, others have seen chairs moving as is if someone invisible is sitting in them, and creepy shadow figures looking out from windows.

So if you attend a concert here and notice the chair next to you being unexplainably manoeuvered, at least you have an idea what could be taking place right?

The local community claim they often see strange colored lights coming from the building after hours when the establishment has been confirmed as being unoccupied.

If you would like to discover more Tennessee hauntings hit our book link below.

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