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Deceptive Shapeshifter Entity At Ancient Kaneana Cave | The Legend Of Kamohalii The Shark Boy | Oahu Hawaii | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Kaneana or KANE-ANA is a sacred Makuan cave, located just off the West Coast of Oahu, Hawaii, which ancient Hawaiians named after Kane, whom they believed was the God of Creation.

Kaneana is over 150 thousand years old.

A brass plaque on the entrance describes it as ‘home to ancestral spirits of old’ and mentions 'souls ascending’.

Throughout the years, this mysterious cavern has been a popular hideout amongst locals and visitors. But this cave has a truly dark past.

Sadly the site does not always acquire the respect it deserves and has succumbed to vandalism. Perhaps more unsettling is knowing that the site has been used by murderers as a body disposal site.

Local folklore suggests the story of Kamohalii, the shark boy, born of a shark god. He was born with his mouth on his back and his mother was instructed NEVER to feed him meat.

However, someone accidently fed him meat and the boy immediately began to grow razor sharp teeth. As he grew he took on the likeness of a shark and became a recluse, sometimes hiding in Kaneana Cave.

But beware, it is said his spirit has been known to take on the form of a shapeshifter which manifests as an innocent little old man, cooking meat over a fire around the cave and local lakes. The old man offers meat to the living, if you accept, he will eat you like a crazed cannibal.

Visitors report hearing children laughing through the darkness and the sounds of Priests chanting.

Some have described a horrific humanoid figure with glowing red eyes.

Some locals believe this cave to be a portal to hell.

What do you think?

This cave has severe health and safety concerns.


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