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Demonic Infestation at the Real Haunting in Connecticut Home | Southington CT | Paranormal | Haunting | Supernatural | America

You may have seen the movie 'A Haunting in Connecticut' but here at Boise City Ghost Hunters we bring you the facts.

In early 1986 a couple, namely Allen and Carmen Snedeker, rented a home unaware that the building was actually a converted funeral home! The unfolding events were nothing less than traumatising. 

The couple had moved from upstate New York because their son had developed an illness only treatable at Connecticut hospital and so they decided to rent in the nearby town of Southington.

They were not informed by the landlord that the home was previously used as a mortuary back in 1920, The Hallahan Funeral Home.

The family state finding mortuary equipment in the basement and a graveyard to the back of the property. Also found were hundreds of photographs of deceased bodies.

The family describe witnessing supernatural encounters and being haunted by violent spirits. It is believed these spirits may have been conjured by previous visitors who had dealings in occultic practices such as seances and oujia board activity.

Could these spirits be the spirits of the dead who were once laid to rest here?

The couple claim the home was 'swarming with demons' and they were relentlessly subjected to countless manifestations of dark and sinister entities, hearing strange voices and seeing apparitions literally walking about the rooms! Temperature fluctuations were frequent and intense and unnatural cold channels experienced.

One night upon investigating the basement area their son was violently spun around on one of the guerneys and nearby were found identification toe tags from old corpses. 

Could the intrusion have angered the spirits to lash out?

Mr Snedekers own mother even witnessed one of the manifestations describing it as "incredibly powerful, very thin with pitch black eyes, very high cheekbones and long dark hair". Another entity was described "a gentleman wearing a tuxedo with white hair walking to and fro".

Another noteable phenomena was that whilst they mopped the kitchen floor the water would turn blood red.

These events were retold in the 2009 televised movie 'A Haunting in Connecticut'. 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 



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