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Dunster Castle, Somerset 🇬🇧 | Paranormal | Beyond Idaho | United Kingdom

An ancient castle which was once a fortress, with rumours of mythical beasts, home to thousands of ghostly tales. 

Sitting just outside the the grounds on the approaching road is 'Keepers House', (see pic below) a 1000 year old historic gem of a cottage. Many have stayed here and reported sightings of the Grey Lady and on occasion an entrance Footguard wearing a peaked hat. The pair have been said to manifest as blurred shadowy shapes.

The most unusual tale from Dunster concerns the remains of a 7-foot tall prisoner who was bound by the wrists and ankles along with four other skeletons.

Even during daylight hours, the site where the skeletons were found remains dark and gloomy. Dogs seem particularly troubled by the past presence of these prisoners, most refusing to even walk the castle steps!

The Domesday book records a working hand mill was used at the castle in 1086 which still stands there today, beside the River Avill.

The castle houses one of the earliest surviving medieval working stables, (see pic below) the grand stall blocks dating back to early 17th century.  John de Mohun V owned a beautiful white charger war horse, which was given to him personally by the Black Prince, as a reward for bravery after The Battle of Crecy in 1346. It was here in these very stables he cared for that war horse.

The horse was named GRISEL GRIS hence the Legend of Grisel Gris, now embedded in our childrens stories!

(pics courtesy of The National UK Trust) 

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