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Ed And Lorraine Warren | The Noble Path | Paranormal Excellence Forever Remembered | Quaerite Veritatem | Research | BoiCGH

Ed and Lorraine Warren (Edward Warren Miney and Lorraine Rita Moran) were world renowned as the people called upon when folks needed help in paranormal matters.

Problems in the physical realm we live in can easily be fixed. If we need an electrician, we call one. But what happens when individuals are confronted with problems that the rational mind can not decipher? People called on The Warrens.

The Warrens were a Roman Catholic couple who first met back in 1943 and later married. 

They shared a passion for the paranormal. Lorraine told Ed how, since a young girl, she seemed to have capabilities of sensing, and seeing, things all around her (clairvoyance). Lorraine felt it important to nurture that power and went on to become a medium.

Ed shared with Lorraine that he was raised in a home he believed to be paranormally active and went on to become a self taught Demonologist.

The two did not believe in ghosts, but that hauntings were demonic possessions. They also attributed hauntings to have possible links with a lack of faith. They believed that evil entities actively seek out those who are troubled, and who lack a strong faith, maybe involved in addiction etc and use such weakness as an entry point or portal into the lives of every day people.

Together they pursued a universal passion and embarked upon a remarkable journey that would span their whole life time. They visited hundreds of homes, conducted paranormal investigations, conducted interviews, held lectures, spoke at conferences, wrote informative books, appeared on television shows and even opened a museum.  

However, what they were not ready for was the ensuing status of fame which widely surpassed celebrity and even elite level. The duo were described as fantastical, mesmerizing, mystical.  

Far from a one hit wonder, the Warrens pursued their path, tirelessly, until the end of their lives, in pursuit of the unknown in order to help others. They never once charged for their investigative work or services. 

Yet things were never easy, and often they were faced with controversy, critical bombardment and those who questioned their validity and distorted their truths. But on they went undeterred.

In 1952 they pair founded the New England Society for Psychic Research.

The Conjuring movies further catapulted them into the eyes of international media, taking the world by storm, bringing the paranormal out from the shadows of confined niche into todays popular culture.

The society they founded began to take on more and more cases, and as such supposedly haunted items were handed in which owners did not want in their homes, including satanic artefacts. Hence the Warrens opened their Occult Museum for safeguarding of those items.

Here we take at look at their most famous cases which were later made into televised movies.

1968 - Annabelle

Two nurses who lived in an apartment had a doll which they claim moved, on its own, from room to room. They called the Warrens in and informed them that they believed this doll to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle. The Warrens concluded that the doll was possessed by a demonic entity.

1971 - The Perron Family

The Perron family from Harrisville, Rhode Island, lived in a very old house and were paranormal enthusiasts and attended many paranormal and occult themed events. They believed their home to be paranormally active. They summoned the Warrens to investigate the home. The Warrens believed the home to be possessed by the spirit of a 19th century witch named Bathsheba.

1976 - The Amityville House

A family of five were experiencing horrific unexplainable phenomena within their home. It was this home where Ronald Joseph DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family, his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters back in 1974. DeFeo stated ‘once i started, i just couldn’t stop’. The Warrens concluded that the home was infested with demons. This case inspired The Amityville movie (1979).

1977 - The Enfield Poltergeist

A British family who lived in a small council house in Enfield, London, during the late 70s claimed their two daughters (aged 11 and 13) were being possessed by unseen forces. One of the girls was seen by passers by, levitating from her bed in the upper bedroom window. Other incidents included the girls bending solid metal spoons and talking in a non natural voices.

There were rumors of deception and trickery and the family came under investigation. The Warrens briefly investigated this home during the summer of 1978. It was suggested that the spirit of an older man had become attached to one of the girls when she began hormonal change and menstruation.  The case inspired the movie The Conjuring 2.

1980 - The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

In the 1970s the Meyer family purchased the historic deep South Myrtles Plantation. They believed a 200 year old mirror held at the home was haunted by the spirits of females who were slaves at the plantation.

Clarke Woodruff who ran the plantation had insatiable desires for sexual with the female slaves who toiled in the plantations fields during the 1700s. Many perished on those very grounds. One slave girl in particular caught his eye, her name was Chloe. He beat her and molested her often.

One day Chloe slipped poison into his family dinner pot, killing his wife and two children. When the other slave girls found out they feared Woodruffs retribution, so they hung Chloe from a nearby tree so as not to further the trouble there.

The plantation was later converted as a Bed and Breakfast and it did not take long for guests to detect paranormal activities at the location, specifically around the mirror. The Warrens concluded they believed the mirror to be possessed by Woodruffs murdered wife and children.

1981 - The Devil Made Me Do IT

The trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson was the first known court case in America in which the Defense sought to prove innocence based on demonic possession and resultant loss of personal responsibility. In 1981 Johnson stabbed his landlord, Alan Bono, to death with a five inch pocket knife. 

He claimed ‘the Devil made me do it’. He had no previous convictions and was completely out of character within this timeframe. These events inspired The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It movie (2021).

The Warrens were contacted by a Priest who claimed he had been trying to help a young boy called David and that over the course of three subsequent exorcisms the boy had levitated, blasphemed, had blackened eyes and sharp teeth.

The boy even momentarily stopped breathing. Even more astonishing was that David had predicted the murder Arne Cheyenne Johnson would eventually commit.

The attorney stated in processions that ‘the Courts have dealt with the existence of God, and now we must deal with the existence of the Devil’.

1986 - The Smurl Hauntings

The Smurl family called the Warrens during 1986 when they believed their home, a former funeral parlor, to be haunted. Various phenomena such as apparitions, strange odors and sounds. The Warrens were at the home for nine weeks and stated the home to be occupied by four entities, one being demonic and rated them a 9 in malevolence on a scale of 1 to 10.

1989 - The Werewolf Case

In 1883 Bill Ramsey felt a severe pain in his chest and checked himself in at a local hospital.

During his examination he lashed out and violently attacked his nurse, biting her. Onlookers say his hands became claws and his mouth was like that of an animal. The Warrens performed an exorcism on him in 1989 after he had gone on to have further similar incidents over the years.

Ed Warren died aged 79 on August 23rd, 2006.

Lorraine passed away aged 92 on April 18th, 2019, both in Monroe, Connecticut. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren shaped the paranormal world like no others before them. They will be sorely missed yet their wisdom and enlightenment will live on, inspiring all who follow in their worthy footsteps and noble path of paranormal investigation.

I, for one, feel truly honored to be taking that path because how can we progress, or find the true answers, if we fail to seek the truth?

Seek Truth - Quaerite Veritatem

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