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Eloise Psychiatric Hospital | Westland, Michigan | Historical | Haunted | Paranormal

This asylum was the actual inspiration for the horror movie 'Eloise' released in 2017. Be sure to check it out!

Way back when Michigan was admitted into the Union in 1839 Wayne County built a 'poorhouse' to accommodate the sick and needy people of Detroit. At its fullest, the complex housed over 12,000 patients and even had it's own fire and police departments.

Named as Michigans most haunted building, surrounded by tall imposing iron gates (the last structure to survive out of 55 plots of the historic Kay Beard complex) stands the haunting Eloise Asylum.

Eloise is a former hospital for mentally and physically impaired patients. 

It has been said that many lost souls haunt these grounds. Explorers once discovered glass jars filled with human remains, said to be from inhumane medical experiments performed here within these very walls.

There have been some photographic recorded snapshots of such procedures and these may be searched for online.

Just across the Avenue there is a small cemetary where hundreds of poor patients who had no next of kin and unable to afford headstones were laid to rest with simple plot markings. Many of these souls are said to haunt the grounds to this very day.

Many have reported hearing screaming sounds and even unexplained roaring noises coming from the ground itself. Could this be the screams of terror of past patients replaying through time as they were horrifically experimented upon, now unable to find rest. 

Some previous staff members have refused to speak to the media, they were so horrified by their knowledge and experience of the place. The only information they did share was that 'interactions with the paranormal are a frequent and terrifying thing' and that two small ghost like children are often seen casually walking up and down the stairs.

The hospital closed its doors in 1981 after experiencing financial difficulties and was released to the market for sale at an impressive $1.5 million!.

If creepy vibes and lots of mystery are your thing, why not check it out for yourself.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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