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The Ghost of Hemingway | Ketchum Cemetery | Ketchum, Idaho | Haunted | Historical | IdaHaunts

Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American journalist and writer hailed as a literary icon and won the Nobel Prize in 1954. Known for his contagious and exuberant character.

His humour was dry and dark, once the beautiful movie star actress Ava Gardner swam naked in his swimming pool and Hemingway ordered that the pool never be emptied again.

Tragically in 1961, in Idaho, Ernest Hemingway bid his wife "goodnight my kitten" and took his own life by way of a double barrelled shotgun. He is buried at Ketchum Cemetery, Idaho.

His home in La Finca Vigia, his much loved Cuban oasis, still stands, with his much treasured marlin-fishing boat which he named 'Pilar' moored outside, awaiting his return. 

It was said that if Ernest was around a fishing boat or a pen, he was happy.

Opinion has always been split regarding Ernests true character, some say meeting him was breathing in a fine perfume whilst others describe him as toxic, frightening. Many believe there was a much darker side to Hemingway and that he was destructive to all he came into his life. That no matter who you were, he would somehow hurt or betray you. It is believed he would often erect an invisible shield around himself in order to hide his true nature. Not many people got close to 'thorny' Hemingway.

I cant help but wonder if behind those barriers we would have discovered much sensitivity and fear of judgement. Or could the saying 'TIS IS A FINE LINE BETWEEN GENIUS AND CRAZY' have been true about him?

Many say he still haunts the house he lived in to this very day, in Whitehead Street, Idaho, which was perfectly preserved, like a 50s Polaroid, as it was left!. Some claim to seeing a figure sat at his desk. Others have witnessed a dark shape peering from upstairs windows. One estate agent claims he heard the sounds a typewriter.

Neighbours say they have also seen the ghost of his wife Pauline smoking a cigarette on the balcony at night and even found the cigarette butt ends the next day, which were here favourite brand!

The home is now a private residency owned by the Ketchum Conservancy, and is listed as a historical place, not open for public viewing. However, many visitors so drive by for a peak at this fascinating location.

Who knows ? You may just catch a glimpse of Hemingway himself peering from an upstairs window?


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