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Full Spectrum Apparation of Little Ghost Girl at McCarren Park Pool | Brooklyn New York | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

McCarren Park Pool located at Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York, has a truly dark historical past and is rumoured to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl.

It has been said the little girl suffered a horrific fate when she drowned at this pool. Nobody was aware that she had gone under the waters and she desperately fought for her life.

Passers by from surrounding neighbourhoods have reported hearing unexplained piercing screams echoing through the night and those who are unaware of the pools history have even called authorities out to the scene they were so disturbed.

Paranormal investigators consistently report extreme temperature drops in the pools water and whispering EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) calling out 'im here'. The pool would act as a compatible 'conductor' source for spirit energy as they are often drawn to water sources.

Many who use this pool have described an uncomfortable presence in the waters and some have witnessed the girl manifest as a full spectrum apparition. Small children who play at this pool have described seeing a little 'ghost girl'.

Is her spirit residually trapped here? If anything this story is heartbreaking. How could this little girl be helped if she truly was seeking a way out of the dark waters she drowned in?

Have you ever experienced paranormal phenomena? Please share your experiences below.

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