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General Custer and The Last Stand | Battle of the Little Bighorn | Lands of Honour | Custer Cemetery | Idaho | Heritage | Historical

Historically preserved locations truly offer us a unique connection to our communities original establishments. Discovering ones heritage truly is one of lifes most defining and rewarding journeys. 

Originally Custer was formed in 1880 consisting of the counties Lemhi, Idaho, Alturas and Boise.

Custer County was named in honour of General George Armstrong Custer who fought in the Indian battle today famously known as 'The Last Stand' in 1876. As settlers began spreading westward across North America after 1780, armed conflicts arose.

In the 1800s it was not unusual for communities, rivers and settlements to be fall under the attack of 'land pirates' who set out on destructive expeditions. Guns were highly sought after by Indians and miners. 

In 1862 Custer was set upon by aggressors from the mining towns of Florence and Oregon, recognised the beginnings of Idahos Gold Rush. Idaho was at the forefront of many stampedes, assailants were willing to kill in order to be the first to claim gold and steal goods and ammunition.

In June 1876, along the Little Bighorn River in the Crow Indian Reservation of Montana, Custers Last Stand, an armed conflict between Arapaho, Cheyenne and Lakota tribes took place. General Custer led a Cavalry of 700 men into battle, along with two of his own biological brothers, a nephew and a brother in law.

Tragically, they were met with defeat. 268 were killed, including General Custer. United States congress approved sanctions to expand the 7th Regiment by 2,500 soldiers in honour of General Custer and the Indian Appropriations Act of 1876 was initiated which terminated hostilities.

General Custer was described as 'one of Americas greatest inspirations'. His valiant actions, bravery and sense of community is still studied by historian scholars around the globe today. 

Custer County showcases just how hands on ranching, farming, rural preservation, tourism can come together as economical resources today.

Many of those heroic soldiers were laid to rest on rugged hills surrounding Buttes Challis Cemetery right here in Idaho.

History in our hands.

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