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Get Your Spooky Books Ready | Childrens Halloween Reading | Community | Seasonal | Halloween | Fun | BoiCGH

Are you looking for some perfectly appropriate Halloween reading for the children?

Look no further!

Here are some great recommendations, which score perfectly on our spook-o-meter for younger audiences, guaranteed to ensure this Halloween is memorable and fun!

From the modern creativeness of super fresh voices in fiction we present you with our top picks.

We are sure you'll agree they are perfectly petrifying!

Simply hit your favourite book picture below to purchase copies in time for Halloween!

Creepy Carrots! By Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown. 

The carrot patch meets the Twilight Zone when Jasper Rabbit goes searching for carrots, but someone is following him! Who could it be kids? This award winning picture book is full of surprises.

How To Make Friends With A Ghost By Rebecca Green.

This enchanting tales explains what to do if you ever saw a ghost! Would you feed it some snacks or maybe read it a story? Could you really become best friends with a ghost? Why not read it and find out.

Los Gatos Black On Halloween by Marisa Montes.

Did you know that every Halloween there is a Monster Ball in a very haunted hall? You will meet up with ghouls, witches, skeletons and vampires.

We hope you can run fast kids!

Let us know which book you choose!

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