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Old Town Ghosts at The Strange Love Night Club | Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | BoiCGH | IdaHaunts

One of Boises oldest buildings built in 1901 originally a mens Athletic club now a nightclub in the heart of Idaho. Previously known as China Blue has a past all of its own with some paranormal elements!

In 2017 the venue underwent renovations due to structural compromise and is now a state of the art venue known as The Strange Love Night Club.

The club has a sister basement/ venue called Dirty Little Roddys and the buildings have been part of Boises nightlife scene for more than 17 years known earlier as part of the Turnverein buildings.

Owner Ted Challenger breathed new life into the building and now it thrives in the heart of Boises after hours quarter.

Sporting a strict dress code, velvet sofas, glass statues and floor to ceiling mirrors, the club eludes a real sense of eclecticism!

The Turnverein building is said to be where an apparition of a young lady has been spotted on many occasions and her ghostly frame has even shown up on visitors photographs!

It is believed she was attending a party in the building but sadly died in an elevator that very same evening!

The club is open 9pm to 2am fri & sat. Why not enjoy a night on the town and enjoy all that Boise Idaho has to offer!

And while you are on our forum feel free to check out the linked article in our HISTORY section on 'A Brief History of China Blue'.


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