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Blood Red Lights And Ghostly Maintenance Man At The Teatro Hotel | Downtown Denver | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Denver, the Mile High City, is renowned for its plethora of paranormal phenomena.

Hotel Teatro is located downtown Denver and was designed to run as accommodation with adjoining tram port facilities. The site was first erected in 1863 by Governor John Evans who lived here with his family.

Multiple business ran from here and one year an enormous work strike took place. Riots broke out and police were called in. There were seven deaths and fifty seriously injured, this became known as the most violent business strike in the State during that era.

In 1994 the building was sold to Tramways LLC who remodelled and reopened the building in 1999 as a luxury hotel.

Guests and staff have both reported strange fog like apparitions walking the hallways at night. One apparition in particular is believed to be the spirit of an ex maintenance man who once worked here. This ghostly spectre is sometimes seen repairing things throughout the hotel such as radiators and door fixtures.

Guests will often ask staff about the maintenance guy in their room.

Can you imagine having to explain this one? Quite the task!

One lady alerted front desk staff of blood red light shining under her room door. After much investigation it was confirmed there was no viable explanation, or detectable source, for the red light.

Could this have been paranormal in nature?

Night staff often hear creepy disembodied voices chatting away in the foyer area and every time they hear the voices they discover items have been unexplainably moved around the room.

It is speculated an old lady, who once lived here during the early 1900s, was asked to leave the hotel as there were plans to sell the venue. The lady adamantly refused and tragically later committed suicide through fear of being homeless.

Many claim they have come face to face with this old lady entity who won’t think twice about screaming in your face before disappearing into thin air.

Clearly still vexed at being moved from her residence.

Fun fact: the hotel still houses an original vault once used to collect nickel fare for street car tram rides. Now surely that’s worth a look!

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